Boxing illustrated wrestling news magazine – July 1961


On offer is an original Boxing illustrated 

wrestling news magazine from July 1961 

showcasing the battle of the middleweights

Gene Fullmer v Paul Pender 

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Boxing illustrated wrestling news magazine- July 1961 

Condition-very good condition for age, very minimal ware on spine, tiny amount of rusting on staples but nothing drastic, very small nick on the bottom of the page , very small crease on back page, very small crease on bottom right hand corner of front page , inner pages 32-41 small crease top of pages .

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  • 66 inner pages all in very good condition
  • Boxing illustrated supplement No-1- Jack Dempsey knocks out Jess Willard, Toledo, Ohio, July 4th 1919
  • Full page-Undisputed heavyweight championship of the world – June 29th 1961, Comiskey park Chicago -8.30pm, Pat O`Connor v Buddy Rogers