Vintage Japanese 1960`s Star Union baseball glove


One of the first players believed to have

used a baseball glove was Doug Allison,

a catcher for the Cincinnati Red Socks 

in 1870 due to an injured hand.


On offer is an original 1960`s Japanese 

Star Union baseball glove.


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Vintage Japanese Star Union 1960`s baseball glove.


Condition- worn condition

  • the glove does have more wear on the outside than the inside but is fully intact 


Size- unknown but is definitely an adult size


Material- prime grade steerhide, rawhide laced 



  • name of quality – Star Union stitched tag
  • professional model no- FG6765
  • snap flex
  • rawhide laced 
  • prime grade steerhide
  • custom built
  • hand formed grip tite pocket